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The light lines - The lightness of light as a contrast to the heavy stone. 


The bright lines - The warmth of light as a contrast to the cold stone.


The installation expresses the feeling of detachment while being at the festival.

It shines across the peninsula, illuminating hearts and souls, representing the happy days away from daily routine. Along with old friends and new friends, light-hearted with the ecstasy of life.

The rays stretch out in all directions from the stone house - facing the mainstage, the sea, and the infinite worlds beyond. They reach up from the rocks by the sea, the bushes and the grass surrounding the landmark. The installation’s 360° extends the restricted view of the common light source and represents the horizon to every direction. Unlimited to the world we live in.

Head straight towards them, walk underneath. At the coastline as well as on the hillock towards the peninsula.




Porec, Croatia


May 2019

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